Our on-site Business Manager can offer you a comprehensive and highly competitive range of expert solutions for your personal or business needs, to ensure that the process of financing your new vehicle will be every bit as smooth as driving it.

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Consumer Loans

Our consumer loan is the ideal choice when your vehicle is predominately for personal or domestic use; with convenience and flexibility in mind we offer individual assessments which are easy and fast, offering you:

  • A personally tailored loan with a choice of term 1-5 years(1)
  • Payments fixed at a competitive interest rate for the term of the loan, giving you the peace of mind and protection against risks associated with adverse market interest rate fluctuations; and
  • Convenient and flexible payment options that allow you to make extra payments(2), which may save you money by reducing the total interest payable(3)
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Commercial Loan & Mortgage

LDV Financial Services offers business solutions specifically designed for sole traders, partnerships and companies which allow for flexible payments to suit your business and cash flow requirements.

When it comes to choosing a vehicle finance package the options can be endless. We understand that as your business changes so do your financing requirements; we will structure an individual solution that matches your business needs.

Developed for businesses this product offers:

  • Flexible payment structure with or without a balloon allows you to free up cash flow/working capital(3)
  • Highly competitive fixed rate for the term of the loan(1)
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Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is a rental agreement offering fixed monthly payments for the period of the contract, with the addition of a residual set at the start of the loan.

At the end of the term you can make an offer to purchase, refinance or upgrade to a new vehicle. Benefits include:

  • No restriction on kilometre usage
  • Agreed residual (1) is set at the start of the lease (subject to ATO guidelines)
  • Financial flexibility enabling you to choose the payment terms(1)
  • Ability to free up working capital for the business(3)
  • At the end of your lease period there are a number of options available to you(1), for example:
    • You may be able to extend the lease for a further agreed time
    • You may be able to trade the vehicle in on a new vehicle
    • You may make an offer to purchase the vehicle from us for the residual payout amount
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Novated Lease

This product is similar to a finance lease and is predominately used as a Salary Packaging tool in conjunction with a Novation Agreement, allowing the employee to drive the vehicle of their choice. The Novated lease specifies that the employee (lessee) assumes the responsibility for lease payments from their pre-tax salary.

The employee enters into a finance contract with LDV Financial Services and the employer and employee simultaneously enter into a Novation Agreement, under which the employee’s obligations are transferred to the employer. The employer then pays the monthly rental usually from the employee’s pre-tax income.

If the employee changes their employer, payment obligation automatically reverts to the employee, the employee may be able to re-novate with the new employer.

A Novated Lease offers:

  • Fixed repayments with choice of term and vehicle(1)
  • Possible tax benefits even though the vehicle may be predominately for private use(3)
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Business Line of Credit

LDV Financial Services is able to provide a credit limit based on your business’ total vehicle requirements. This streamlines the approval and vehicle acquisition process. All you have to do is purchase vehicles as your business requires, within your pre-set approval limit.

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